Whether you’re planning a bake sale, a marathon run or sponsored silence, why not do so in support of The Harbour Project? 

The number of visitors who arrive at our door is ever increasing and our funding is limited. But you and your local community can help us keep it open through your incredible fundraising. Each week our drop-in costs on average £1000, so every penny makes a difference. Each Visitor advice session costs around £15 to provide. Every pound raised means we can prevent social isolation and welcome refugees and asylum seekers to Swindon. 

You can run your fundraiser through Local Giving and if you get in touch with us we can help to publicise what you’re doing.

Omer completing the Swindon Half Marathon
Omer running for The Harbour Project


One of our visitors, Omer, has completed The Nationwide Building Society New Swindon Half Marathon twice now, and on each occasion has raised money for The Harbour Project.

In September 2018 he completed the Half Marathon in just 1:22:49, making him the 25th male and top 1% of runners! This was a great achievement, but 2019 was even better for Omer when he achieved a time of 1:18:34.

Thank you Omer and congratulations on your amazing progress!



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