Our Vision

We aim to be a family for every individual who seeks asylum or is granted refugee status in Swindon, and to help them to rebuild their lives.

We provide advice, support, practical help and friendship, so that our visitors have the best possible chance of a fair hearing, a fair outcome from their asylum claim, and a fair future in the UK.



Our Values

Visitor-focussed– We prioritise the interests of our visitors in the decisions that we make, and recognise the importance of their involvement in decisions that may affect them.

Inclusive and egalitarian– We are non-judgemental and accepting. We seek to provide equality of opportunity to allow visitors to access the help and advice that they need, specific to their circumstances. We do not probe or ask detailed questions about the events leading up to someone making a claim for asylum unless the visitor chooses to share this with us.

We value our diverse Board of Trustees and staff team, and welcome volunteers from throughout the community, making use of their myriad skills. We work in partnership with other organisations wherever possible.

We actively engage with stakeholders in our management and planning to ensure that our provision remains relevant, valuable and appropriate.

Warm and welcoming РWe are proud of our warm, family-like atmosphere. We are informal and friendly, and aim to provide a safe, comforting environment for our visitors to enable them to integrate into Swindon life in ways that are beneficial for them and other residents in the town.

Underpinning the informality and friendship, we also pride ourselves on the professionalism, integrity, depth and breadth of the services and advice that we offer.