We are grateful to everyone who has been in touch in regards to the situation in Ukraine.

The Harbour Project is ready and committed to playing as full a role as possible to help those engulfed by the unfolding tragedy. We know there are no easy solutions: not for those arriving nor those with national or civic responsibility for their welfare. But we also know we can make a real difference.

For over 20 years we have been providing a safe Harbour for refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world, who have escaped other wars and acts of oppression, and we will do likewise for the People of Ukraine.

We currently support Visitors from over 50 countries including Ukraine. We expect at some point there will be refugees from Ukraine, when they are here, we are ready and open to help as always. The United Nations has said more than two million people have fled Ukraine, while the European Union ultimately expects to receive 4 million refugees in total, and several million more to be displaced internally.

The common question being asked is “how can we help?”

Whilst the situation unfolds, to ensure that we are able to help with the new arrivals from Ukraine and other countries, you can donate to Harbour so we can continue with our vital services.

You can also make a donation to The Disaster Emergency Committee and the British Red Cross, who are working with their local partners to distribute food, shelter and medical assistance.

As government guidance becomes available, we are doing our best to understand the options available.

We do not recommend the donation of items as this can cause more issues at the borders than a help. Items are donated with the best intentions, but they may not be sorted until they arrive at the destination point. This will then require a large team to sort through with unfortunately over 50% of items going to Landfill. By giving funds, Charities can provide relevant support as and when it is requested.