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Here you can read some of our visitors’ stories, in their own words, as well as comments from both volunteers and supporters.

If you’d like one of our visitors or volunteers to give a talk or share their story, please get in touch.

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Abdul’s Story

A Journey to a Safer Place

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“When I joined Harbour as a volunteer, I did not know it would be like a family for me. Harbour is like an oasis in Swindon where people get different types of help from a great group of volunteers and staff. I will never forget all the sweet moments and nice people I met here. I love Harbour!”

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“At first I was confused because I was not sure how to speak to people, to make friends or how to go to places. The English and computer classes were very important. They helped me to know how to speak to people and to mix with others, so I became happier.”

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“Harbour Project is the place where I have got help, advice & love. I will never forget the loving moments I spent in Harbour. Thank  you so much.”

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John Adams OBE

Chair of Wiltshire Community Foundation

“There are so many negative and rather depressing stories in the media about asylum seekers, that it was encouraging to see the practical and positive ways you are supporting the young people, who are so far from their home countries and trying to make their way in the world as best they can.

We much admire your terrific leadership and commitment.

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Tom Godwin

HOPE not hate Coordinator for Wales

“I was brought up in Swindon, and the Harbour Project is without a doubt my favourite place. With visitors from over 50 countries, it provides a cultural heart for the town.

I am rejuvenated after every visit, and inspired by the kindness, hard work and hospitality of Harbour Team, and all its dedicated volunteers.

Thank you. Diolch yn fawr.”

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Tiffy Allen

National Co-ordinator for City of Sanctuary

“I travel all over Britain and Ireland visiting drop-ins and projects like the Harbour, but I have to say, the welcome, warmth, inclusiveness and love I feel here is up there with the best! Well done to everyone here for contributing to this great atmosphere and for making Swindon such an amazing place.”

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