Visitor experiences in their own words


“Words cannot express what I want to say or what I feel. I’m writing these words from the bottom of my heart. We are like one family at The Harbour Project. They are so friendly with all of us and trying to do the best.

In my opinion most important they trying to help all to integrate in the community so I appreciate it and grateful for everything they do for us.

When I arrived to Swindon I was worried how the life at Swindon because I didn’t know anyone and my English was not good, but someone recommended me to go to Harbour Project.

When I went there they welcomed me I felt happy then. After that I started coming most days to meet many people from different countries, nationalities and cultures.

I used to go improving my English because there are daily English classes, by the way there are many other different activities not only English classes. So my English is much better than before and recently I started studying at MTC College.

I was thinking how I could repay their generosity. It might be small gesture but at least do something to express my gratitude so I started volunteering at Harbour Project and I do what I can.

…I’m proud to being here.”

“I’d like to thank you about supporting refugees and asylum seekers all the time. I never forget your kindness and your favour towards us. I hope to be useful person for your country.”

“Thank you so much for your help and support, for the warmth place which you provide us and nice smile that you gave all of us.”